Whiskey Diablo

The Story

Duality is found throughout our world. Day and night, north and south...good and evil.  Whiskey Diablo’s lead singer, guitar player and only static member, Patrick Blake, has experienced a life of extreme duality. 

Blake’s parents met and both worked at McDonald’s. Their union and eventual shotgun wedding led to quick divorce but gave Blake a family of Methodists, Democrats, coal minors & tobacco farmers from Appalachia and another family of Catholics, Republicans, doctors & lawyers from Baltimore. 

Blake was an advanced student and played football in southwest Virginia until music took hold and was eventually expelled from high school. Despite expulsion, he attended film school and landed work with a professional gambler that ran a Philadelphia class action law firm. After a stint in Los Angles he drifted to Charleston SC where he founded Whiskey Diablo. 

The band began touring aggressively and released 2 albums with alternating musicians. The live shows are high energy sweaty celebrations of freedom, chaos and individualism. With both traditional and unconventional methods, their music takes on a range of topics: mortality, travel, love, existentialism, personal & societal obstacles, promiscuity, appalachian lives and the debauchery that inevitably ensues during and after a show. It has duality. It’s gutter country cut with booze drenched rock n roll.